Kha Thai Vo, Managing Director Global Operations

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Kha Thai Vo is an expert consultant to Fortune executives and a trusted travel advisor dedicated to providing a unique and customized service experience for every individual. She understands that the needs and wishes of each client will vary, and will always take time to research and address every necessary detail to fulfill her client's expectations. As a consultant, she listens and provides workable solutions that efficiently turn any client’s wish-list into a budget friendly reality.  As a travel advisor with nearly 20 years of globetrotting experience in more than 40 countries, Kha expertly sorts through all the logistics and plans for every contingency.  She is also proficient in four languages, which enables her to easily communicate with virtually anyone. Whether you wish to relax and gaze upon a Mediterranean sunset off the Amalfi Coast or experience an exotic Moroccan adventure or bathe in the crisp blue waters along the Côte d'Azur, Kha can plan an unforgettable honeymoon complete with personalized travel tips to make you feel comfortable and well prepared.  And with the ability to adapt and manage through any situation or last minute change, Kha can also coordinate an amazing wedding experience for you and your guests to enjoy at an English countryside manor or a hilltop villa in Rome or even a summer château in the Loire Valley. Highly organized and detail oriented with hospitality industry and finance negotiation experience, Kha currently oversees HJ Planners' honeymoon and destination wedding services, and holds a B.A. and M.P.A. from George Mason University as well as a Graduate Programme Certificate from University of Oxford.